Feather Sampler

The new batteries are in the camera at last! Now I'm able to take photos of the Feather Sampler quilt.

These are a couple of the blocks with the Filigree Feathers quilted in them.

Here you can see the cross-hatched loops in the sashing strips.

I have several heart filigree designs in my sketchbook. This one of several variations.

This double heart is not one that I'm completely happy with. It still needs a bit of tweeking to make it a good feather pattern. It does make a great filigree pattern, though.

This is the quilt on my bed. The pink you see at the foot of the bed is from the 1930's repo quilt that I have had on the bed for a while now.
The plastic bag next to the night stand contains some cotton yarn I just bought to crochet dishcloths with.


Dear Susan

Your Feather Sampler quilt is absolutely breathtaking. Love the fabric too.

How big did you make the blocks?

Susan Loftin said…
Millie - Thank you for the complement on my feathers. I love quilting feathers!
The blocks in the quilt finished at 9 1/2". They are 10" layer cake blocks from Moda plus I cut additional blocks from some matching yardage.
momtofatdogs said…
Your Feathers are gorgeous. I have a Nolting 24 and I have books & books & MORE books, then DVD's and (OH YEH>>>don't forget) I have scads of templates and I STILL am too scared to do any freehand feathers on a quilt.

Beautiful job on the feather sampler. And the new blog design is very attractive.

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