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I have decided to name my quilting business "Sunrise Quilt Studio". The sunrises we view from our deck are so pretty and I need a name that I can continue to use if we move again. This one seems to fit the bill in that respect. Now I have to file all the paperwork required by law to get this done. Paul and Hannah are in Reeds Spring this weekend to pack up some of the items we left behind and bring them back here to Jefferson City. Paul and his brother Dave, took our old refrigerator back down to the Reeds Spring home and we'll be selling it with the house. We had a showing of the house on Friday, but so far we haven't heard anything back from the realtor. We have 5 weeks left on the contract with this realtor and we're hoping the house will be sold before the contract is up. Hannah is making friends at her new school so things are going better for her now. She says that this new school is a lot different from her old school and it is taking a bit of adjus


We are almost completely unpacked. I still have to unpack some books and organize things. The wiring for the computer doesn't work in the familyroom where we want to put the computer, so for now we have it on the counter in the kitchen! Paul is going to do some re-wiring of telephone line so we can get the computer back on it's desk and then I can get the family room organized. Hannah doesn't like school here as much as in Reeds Spring. She's willing to give it a try, but the first 2 days of school were mostly reviewing work for the coming year and classroom rules. She's bored! Hopefully it will get better as time goes on. Sarah is doing well with her homeschool work. She's catching on to reading a lot better this year than last and she's really enjoying our science studies about mammals. Once we get completely unpacked, I'll be doing some painting in the house. The bathrooms could all use fresh paint especially the 1/2 bath that has a sand-textu

New Beginnings!

We are getting settled into our new home. The past 2 weeks have been hectic with packing up the old house and trying to unpack the new one. Even though we had movers doing the work of packing and moving, it was tiring! So many decisions to make and questions to answer; keeping an eye on everything and trying to have some sense of normalcy for the kids. We are doing all the unpacking ourselves and are up to our knees in boxes and packing materials. We spent 2 nights in hotels between the closing on the new house loan and moving in since there was a 3 day delay between the closing and the moving date. Even the kids got tired of eating out and eating convenience foods! The neighborhood we are living in is very quiet. We have several hundred acres of vacant land behind us that helps with the quietness. Our lot is 1/2 acre and part of it is fenced so the dogs are happy to be near the house and to have plenty of space to romp - although it has been too hot to do much more than lay o