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Happy New Year

Thank you to all my readers for the time you've taken to read my blog this past year. I appreciate the comments that you have posted and love reading your blogs in return. This past year has been a mix of successes and struggles - some have been resolved and some have not. That's the way life is I suppose. My family is healthy and happy. My friends are a blessing, and my customers are much appreciated. I learn so much from everyone in my life. I've had the opportunity to branch out in my quilting and use it to help others such as AAQI, American Vets, Foster Children, cancer patients, and orphans around the world. I've been honored to receive a ribbon in a nation quilt show, and have met many new quilting friends from all across the globe. I've learned new quilting techniques, new types of embellishments and surface designs, and hope to continue this into 2010. And I've been able to upgrade my quilting machine. Many blessings have been bestowed upon me

Saturday Sampler Blocks

As I have mentioned previously, I have signed up for the Saturday Sampler at the local quilt shop. The block above is the December block. This sampler is so popular that Linda, the quilt shop owner, decided to order another colorway for this sampler - "Black and Brights". I decided to sign up for that one, also. This is the December block for the Black and Brights sampler. I measured incorrectly on the background fabrics and cut one strip too narrow. So I pieced it to make the corner squares. I can get extra fabric from the quilt shop to fix this, but I thought I'd go ahead and finish the block and pick up the fabric on the next Saturday Sampler meeting in January.

Red and White

Two color quilts are always striking in my opinion. There is something about the contrast of the 2 colors working within the design that draws me. This quilt is a red and white quilt - perfect for Christmas or Valentines day. There are 2 star blocks set on point, side-by-side. Some line-dancing in the stars along with some feathers to accent the motion of the quilt. Since I used white thread throughout the quilt, I chose a feather that didn't need much backtracking.

Christmas Time

This was my big project for the day. DD's were complaining that they couldn't get into the Christmas mood when the house wasn't decorated for Christmas yet, so I drug out all the boxes and got busy. Problem is that I haven't been in a Christmas mood yet myself. There have been too many other obligations and stresses going on lately that have overshadowed Christmas preparations. But I'm on a roll now! I found a string of lights to illuminate my plaster Christmas train at last! I painted this set way back in the early 90's but never found the right kind of lights for it. Today I found them at JoAnn's for 60% off! I bought 2 sets - one for the train and one for my Christmas village. I have yet to start shopping for presents. I'll be busy next week! One more quilt to finish this week also. I think I've worked out the issue that was challenging me with that one, and hope to get it done early in the week.