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1920's Red Basket Quilt

This quilt started as 9 machine pieced basket quilts dated from the 1920s. I purchased the blocks from an antique store. I put them together with some white cotton fabric as alternate blocks, and black on red fabric for the border. The blocks are machine pieced and not done with precision. Many of the points were cut off before I squared up the blocks. The blocks were also various sizes from 8" to 9" and not many were square. I pieced the top using my vintage Singer 15-91. The machine sewed beautifully, but, the top turned out to be out of square. So I measured the blocks from corner to corner instead of side to side and found 2 blocks to switch around to make the rows more consistent in length. That squared up the quilt. So, lesson learned - measure the top through the middle and the edges to see if it is truly square. Also measure the blocks on the edges as well as through the middle both ways to see if they are completely square. You can view the video I made the o