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Purple Stars

Here's Lorraine's Purple Stars quilt. I don't know the name of this quilt, so I'm identifying it by the purple stars :) It's a pretty wall hanging size quilt.


Tuesday I finished Lorraine's 30's Repo Quilt. It turned out very well. The next quilt is Ginny's art quilt. It will be a few more days before I get started on it. I've been forced to take a few days off due to illness again-ugh! I spiked a temperature again Tuesday night with flu-like symptoms. I rescheduled the thyroid ultrasound that I was supposed to have yesterday for next week Thursday. The labwork is also put on hold until I'm back to normal. I don't want the lab values to be thrown out of whack because I've been ill. These are my usual yearly blood tests. The ultrasound is to see if the hot spots on my thyroid are getting any bigger. I haven't had an ultrasound done since I was first diagnosed back in 1993. My new doctor thought it was about time to take a closer look. Today I started feeling a bit better in the afternoon. I slept most of the morning off and on. I had Mot do her school work on the computer the past 2 days. She likes havi


I started back to quilting today :D I have Lorraine's 30's Repo quilt on the machine and am about halfway done. I'm quilting feathers in the borders and outline quilting the half-square triangles in the body of the quilt. My plan is to finish it tomorrow. This morning I had an appointment with a new doctor. I put off looking for a doctor in Jefferson City until this month. It's kind of sad when the doctors are younger than you are :( She's really nice though and very knowledgeable. I have to have some blood work done on Friday and an ultrasound of my thyroid gland on Wednesday. My thyroid nodules seem to be enlarged so she wants to get an idea of their size and compare them to previous records. I have to dig up phone numbers of the hospital where I had a previous ultrasound done so they can transfer records. I had a kind of rough weekend. Even though the fever was gone, I had no energy and I had a pretty bad headache yesterday. Today my blood pressure was very low,

Accomplishing Little

I've been sick since last Saturday :( I caught the flu! UGH!!! I'm on the mend now, but I sure don't have much in the way of energy just yet. I keep thinking of the quilts waiting for me to finish and would love to head down to the studio and get working, but I don't have the stamina I need to get much accomplished. Hopefully by Monday I'll be back to normal - energy-wise and will get back to routine. Luckily, I kept the flu to myself and no one else has become sick with it so far. Hannah is on antibiotics for an ear infection but she feels much better. I missed church last Sunday so Paul took the baby quilts in for me. They should be on their way to the orphanage by now. Since I didn't do much this past week, there really isn't much to tell. Sarah did great while I was sick. She watched movies, played games on the computer and played with her toys. It doesn't take much to entertain her. I think she'll be ready to get back to her school rou

Baby Quilts

I have been working on baby quilts this week. These quilts will be going to an orphanage in Asia. So far I have 6 quilts completed. The tops were already pieced - I worked on them this fall, so I only had to quilt them. The binding was done quickly by machine. They are definately not show quilts, but they are servicable which is what they need to be. These are 2 of the quilts I have finished. The other 4 are various colors with either meander quilting or cross hatching. Susan


I finished Ruth's quilts today and started on Lorraine's Purple Star quilt. This is a view of Ruth's Log Cabin Variation as it is laying on my bed. Isn't it pretty! This is a close up of the borders. I quilted a rope in the inner pink border and piano keys in the middle pieced border and feathers in the outer border. Here is a closeup of the blocks. I quilted a free-hand feather in the logs and outlined the flowers in the center patch. This is Ruth's Brick quilt. I quilted the bricks with a freeahand feather/ribbon meander and the border with a feather. I don't have photo showing the border, but I used a freehand Victorian feather. Susan


We had a whirlwind weekend. Our church had a Bible study on Lee Strobel's book "The Case for Christ" that they spread over 3 days. It was very interesting, and they had a program set up for the kids so our girls weren't bored. Paul worked on doing some re-wiring in the house. The light switches in the kitchen, family room and the main hallway were all wired wrong. There are 3 points in each room where you turn on the lights and each switch had to be in one specific position for any of the switches to work. That's a major problem when you have so many people flipping switches. Now that Paul has rewired them, you can use any switch to turn on and off lights - Yippee!!! I spent as much time as I could working on Ruth's Log Cabin variation quilt. I'm done with the borders and only have the log parts of the blocks to do. I'm quilting those with a free-hand feather. After looking at the feather in the outer border. I'll decide that after the block