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Simple Heart Medallion

I have been designing quilting patterns for use with computerized quilting machines as well as with hand-guided machines. This is one of my latest designs. Since I don't have a computerized machine myself, I design patterns that can be used with or without a computerized machine. This particular design is one that I have used with my longarm machine and looks really good in wholecloth quilts or in alternate blocks in pieced quilts. Feel free to download this design and use it in your own quilts.

Crochet Projects

In the evenings, I often sit on the sofa and knit or crochet while DH watches TV. Here are two projects I recently finished. This sweater fits a toddler and was crocheted using Softee Baby yarn by Bernat. The pattern was one of the free patterns on display at the shop. This sweater uses the same yarns and is crocheted in one piece. I used a pattern called "The World's Easiest Sweater". I had to tweak the pattern in order for it to fit my youngest DD.

Pretty Floral Quilt

This is a photo of a block in a quilt I finished for Sharon. The colors are soft green, pink, yellow, and cream.  It is a very refreshing, calming quilt and it was very much a pleasure to quilt. Thanks Sharon!

A Gift From a Friend

Two years ago, a friend at church passed away. A year later her husband also passed away and their daughter gifted the church some of her mother's quilting, sewing and crafting items. I was given these quilt blocks that her mother had made. While I was visiting the daughter this summer, she asked me look at the quilts her mother had made and show her which ones were the best to keep and pass on to family members. There were some beautiful, vintage quilts in the collection as well as some that were new but well made and destined to become heirlooms in the future. These 9 blocks will be made into a small quilt and cherished as a gift from a friend.