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Finding Extra Time to Quilt

I had an unexpected day off from my day job on Thursday so, I decided to spend it quilting. The Cat's Cradle quilt is still on my longarm machine and I really needed some extra hours to spend quilting it. I spent about 30 minutes cleaning out a bookcase of old quilting magazines that I hadn't looked at in over a year. Then on to the Cat's Cradle quilt. The outer border was still not completed, so I focused on that. I had to redraw the design on the lower portion of the border because I had missed my target points in a large section of the design and the cross-hatching would have been way off if I didn't fix it. That took over an hour to redrawn the design. Then it was break time. A cup of coffee, lunch, and time spent with my daughter and our dog made the 90 minute break go by fast. Another 2 hours of quilting and the border was done. This is one border design that I won't do for some time. It is soooo time consuming! It's beautiful, but time consuming.