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Fluffy Puppy

I haven't been blogging much the past 6 months or so due to a lot of "life" events going on. We've had a lot of losses this year from beloved pets, friends, parents of friends and my lovely niece, Heather, who passed just a month ago. I'm still healing from her death especially. Quilting for myself has gone on the back burner this year and quilting time is spent catching up with customer quilts. I'm working hard to get customer Christmas quilts finished in time for gift-giving. The year hasn't been all sad, though. Who could be sad with a happy, fluffy puppy running around the house. :D Molly is our new puppy. She's 6 months old now and lots of fun. She keeps us all on our toes and brings a lot of joy into our lives.

Squash Books

Our "Fancy Threads" art quilt group has been using scrapbook supplies in art quilts lately and now I have the scrapbooking bug. Last night I saw a video on making squash books and tried it out. You can find it here . Be sure to watch the second video in the series.  My book is on the right. My daughter, Hannah, liked it so much that she had me show her how to make one for herself. Her book is the one on the left with the bees and honeycomb. This is the inside of my squash book. This was a very fun project and I'll be making more of these in the future.

In Memory of Heather

My niece Heather passed away suddenly at the age of 22 from a massive stroke. Her doctors were not able to determine the cause. However, Heather left a legacy behind in her gift of organ donation. Within hours of her death, she had saved the lives of 7 people. Many more lives will be touched in the weeks to come. Heather was completing her externship as a medical assistant. It was a career she was passionate about. Heather was a bubbly, animated person and found fun in many things in life. Rock climing in Arizona with cousins. Dressing up like her Uncle Paul in Texas. Playing in the surf in Galveston. Carving pumpkins for Halloween. Heather, we miss you more than we can say. You left this world much too soon, but you left behind lots of happy memories, love, and joy. One day we will see you again when it is our turn to leave this world and join you  in heaven. Love you bunches, Aunt Susan