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More Progress

In order to have the quilt finish at 15 inches wide, I had to add more width to the center of the quilt. I sliced  the middle section and added another pieced of fabric. This one is a shade which turned out to be an olive green. I also added another border to the top and bottom of the quilt top. The next step is thread painting.


I finished piecing the background this evening on the Yellow Rose quilt. So far I am please with the way it is progressing. I am still contemplating some changes to the rose, so I haven't fused it down. 

Background Changes

I worked on the background for the Yellow Rose a bit more this morning. The left lower petal was blending into the background too much. The problem with monochromatic quilts is getting enough contrast so you don't lose your design. I cut out a section of the the left side of the background and replaced it with another piece of fabric. This is a shade that is several steps lighter than the shade in this sample below. I want the quilt to read "yellow" and the darker shade put too much olive green in the quilt. Although I like the look, I don't think it works with the guidelines of this quilt challenge.

Yellow Rose

This yellow rose applique is to be part of the Color Quilt Project that "Fancy Threads" is creating. The color I have chosen for my quilt is yellow. We are to use any tints, tones, and shades of our color to put into a 15x30" quilt. We are also able to use small amounts of other colors in our quilts. I am trying out different backgrounds for the rose. The rose will be the center of the quilt. I have another design worked out for the sections above and below the rose which I will post later as they are completed. The photo above uses a pure yellow in the center with a shade on the right and a tone on the right. This background uses a tint on the left of the pure yellow that is in the center with the same tone on the right as the photo above. .