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Vintage Goose Track Blocks

I purchased 13 of these Goose Track blocks at an antique store/flea market in Arkansas last month. Most of them are hand stitched, but a few are machine stitched. None of them are the same.  Some of the patches are pieced to make the fabric big enough for the patch - and not always with the same fabric as you may be able to see in the block below on the crossbar on the left. The fabric in the background of this block shows 3 of the color variations the pattern came in. I  have been researching these blocks, but haven't determined the time frame for the fabrics. I'm looking for more resources for my research at this point. The conversation print in this block is a child kicking a ball with a running dog. Here is a red ground with the same print as the first photo. A yellow and brown floral print is also included.

Vintage Lonestar Quilt top

I purchased this Lonestar quilt top at an antique store in Mountain Home, Arkansas last month. I have never attempted to piece a Lonestar myself and jumped at the opportunity to own one. I haven't done any research on this top yet, so I don't have an estimated age. The star is hand pieced but the set in squares and triangles are machine pieced. The fabrics are all solid cottons with some chambray and denim. The top measures 83 x79 inches. This top has some issues with fullness in the corner squares. The top had been laundered after piecing as is evidenced in the frayed edges of the border. Also, the denim pieces frayed and came loose from the stitching. I hand stitched the lose pieces back in place. I haven't decided what to do about the frayed border. It will have to be trimmed in order for binding to attach securely, but I don't know if I will be able to keep the curve in the piecing, or if I'll have to cut it flush to make a straight edge. Decisions ye

Yellow Rose on Blue

After working on the " Yellow Rose " quilt, I had another rose applique to do something with. This time I decided to use a contrasting background to make the rose pop. This piece of blue batik worked well with the yellow fabric in the rose. This quilt hangs in my office.

Diamond Quilt

This diamond pattern quilt is the first quilt I have purchased. I found it in Mountain Home, Arkansas at "Antiques and Uncle Junks" store. It is mostly feed sack fabrics. The sashing is also diamond shapes cut from plain feed sack fabric. There is no batting in the quilt and it is machine quilted. using straight line stitching. The edges are diamond shaped.