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Vintage LeMoyne Star Quilt Treasure

While traveling through southern Missouri yesterday, we stopped at several antique shops to browse. I found this quilt at the same flea market a year ago but passed it up. Since it was still there, I decided it needed to come home with me. The quilt is 82x66 inches with 6.5 inch blocks and 2.5 inch sashing with cornerstones.  The quilt is hand quilted and hand pieced using a variety of prints and solids. Some of the fabrics look like 1940's to me. Most I am not certain about at this point. I have lots of research ahead of me on this quilt.  The binding is a twill tape or bias binding tape. It is machine stitched to the back and hand stitched to the front using green thread. The batting appears to be a thin cotton. The flour sack backing has the stamped images facing the batting. This is the darkest image and I can make out "Delicious Flour" in the printing along with some wheat stems surrounding the wording. This is only the second completed vint

Blue Tigers 2

"Blue Tigers 2" is a recreation of a previous quilt that I had made titled "Blue Tigers". I have sold "Blue Tigers" and decided to make another quilt like it. After all, this is a quilt made from a photo of my cat. My daughters thought I should make another quilt and keep this one. At this point I have the applique done and will be ready to be quilted after I paint the eyes on the cat. The beading will be added last. The colors are brighter in "Blue Tigers 2" - more turquoise this time. I have also left off the fused border at this point. The original "Blue Tigers" is below. "Blue Tigers"