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Hand-dyed Yellow Fabric

Here are the results of my hand-dyed yellow fabrics. The 5th fabric from the left in the lower section of fabric is the pure yellow color. To the left of that are the diluted yellows and to the right are the shades of yellow. What a difference from the commercial yellow fabrics that I pulled! Those run too much to the yellow-orange range for my project. I'm so glad I decided to dye some fabric to see what the difference would be. Next I'll try dyeing some tones of yellow and see what I get. Then I'll start playing around with a design for the quilt.

Blue Lily

The "Blue Lily" quilt I was working on last year has sat in my WIP draw for quite a while. I couldn't bring myself to quilt it because I didn't like the background. This is the second background I've auditioned with the applique. I wanted contrasting colors of blue and orange, but it just wasn't working. Today, I pulled the applique off of the background (it wasn't fully fused yet) and started auditioning other pieces of fabrics I had in my stash. The piece that looked the best was a yellow. Here we go with yellow again! Of course, I didn't have a piece big enough to get a good idea of how the quilt would look, so I went shopping again and bought 2 different pieces of yellow. I pinned the yellow fabric up on my design wall and pinned the applique on top of that. The piece on the left looks washed out and even though it has a small print in it, it reads as a solid, so I am going to go with the piece on the right. It isn't as bright a

Color Quilt

The Fancy Threads Art Quilter's group has started two new group quilt projects. The first is a color quilt. All twelve quilters have picked out a color on the color wheel to make a 15 x 30 inch. quilt. These quilts will be displayed side-by-side in rainbow color order. The only rule is that the quilt has to be predominately the pure color you have chosen as well as tints, tones, and shades of that color. You may use small amounts of other colors. Any technique is acceptable. My color is yellow. So I have searched through my stash and found that I don't have much in the way of yellow fabrics. A shopping trip was in order. These are the fabrics I found. A nice range of tints, but I couldn't find shades of yellow. To get shades of a color you add black. When you add black to yellow, you get green at some point. But what shade of green? So this evening I decided to dye some fabric from pure yellow to tints and shades. I mixed 2 bottles of yellow. The left bottle i

Fall Colors

We have a hill behind our house that is covered with trees. In the fall we get beautiful colors for only a day or two. This year I caught the color at it's peak.