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Carpenter's Wheel

This customer quilt is made by Janet M. Imagine the number of hours she put into creating this beautiful top.

Journal Covers

Fancy Threads met yesterday and we learned how to make journal covers from our fellow guild member, Janet Mehmert. This cover was designed by Janet. She gave each of us a kit to play with and make our own design with the elements in the kit. I struggled with the tan piece of fabric and finally asked Janet what she had planned for that piece. This is her design for this kit.  Janet also showed us how to capture items under sheer fabrics, like the ginkgo leaf in the photo. She also showed us how to use "found objects" like the olive stick in the photo. The leather piece is stamped. Once again using scrap booking supplies in quilting. Thank you Janet for sharing your talents with us.

Card Making

I am really new to scrapbooking and card making. In fact I have resisted the temptation to learn this craft for a very long time. However, when Fancy Threads started up and we used scrapbooking supplies in our art quilts, I just had to try papercrafting. These cards are my recent projects. The little girls are stamps I purchased at Hobby Lobby, then colored in with colored pencils. My inking skills are still .... awful, but I'll get the hang of it eventually. The ovals were all cut using my June Tailor quilting templates. Quilting and scrapping supplies  do interchange! This little puppy was a paper-pieced pattern from Scrapbooks, Etc. The layout is from Mary at CardzTV .

Road to Recovery

Oh, the humiliation! Molly had a couple of small pressure sores on her leg under the bandage, so we had to apply the "cone of shame"! Then to top it off, we have to keep her activity restricted - hence the play pen. She's adjusting quite well! So far the vet is very happy with her progress. We go back for another check-up in 2 weeks which will be 6 weeks post-op. If all is well, we can increase activity with short walks on the leash.