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Small Projects

I am working on 2 small projects at the moment inbetween customer quilts. The quilt above is the challenge quilt from our "Fancy Threads" group. We each contributed a 12" square piece of fabric and one embellishment to each participant. We had 6 people particapting, so we had a nice selection of fabrics and embellishments to work with. We each received the same materials and had just 3 rules to follow: We have to use a recognizable amount of each fabric and embellishment; the size could be from 4x6" to 30x30", and we could add any additional fabric and embellishments we wanted. The deadline is the 4th Sunday of June, so I need to get moving on this one. I finally decided that I needed to make a quilt that reflected my business name "Sunrise Quilt Studio". So here is the work so far. It's fused and made from my hand-dyed fabrics. The quilt will become the logo of my business and appear on my business cards, letterhead, etc.