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Vintage Singer

This 1950 Singer 15-91 is a new addition to my quilting studio. I purchased it at a tag sale from the estate of an elderly lady who used to come into work and help me fold bulletins each week. I've tried it out and it runs well, but it does need some work. The wiring to the motor has lost most of it's insulation and needs to be replaced. I'm in the process of breaking open the motor to get to the wiring but found I don't have the correct size screw driver to move on any further - I'm about half-way done. I also haven't found the correct size wiring to use for the replacement. So currently the motor and balance wheel are in pieces waiting to be reassembled. Luckily everything is in pretty good shape - it just needed some cleaning. The bobbin winder tire is missing, so I need to order a replacement. I can't wait to get it put back together and piece a quilt with it.