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My Machine Hates Change

On my last post I mentioned that I had a switch go out on my longarm machine and I had to order a replacement switch since I didn't have one on hand. Well yesterday my DH decided to look at my machine after asking me a bunch of questions on how the machine works, and in particular how it works when the switches are pushed. Momentary switches evidently come in closed and open. I have no idea what mine is, but my DH knew once I explained to him what the machine does when the switch is pushed. So we go into the studio and start playing with the old switch. My machine is an older model - a 2000 - and the momentary switch is welded on. So DH cleans the solder off the old switch, attaches plugs to the wires, and then plugs the old switch back in. We still have the same problem. The machine continues to run on it's own when the switch is pushed. There is no 'one stitch then stop' motion as there should be with this switch. Now the first thing I did when this happened wa

Just For Fun

This little quilt "Just For Fun" was made several years ago from a package of fat quarters. I loved the African women dancing in the main fabric and couldn't bring myself to cut into it, so I made it the center panel. It was quick and easy to piece and to quilt. The past week has been a whirlwind for me. I was on a committee at church that took up some of my time on top of homeschooling and quilting. I have a couple of deadlines coming up and am working hard to meet them. Of course whenever I have a tight deadline, my machine goes on the fritz! I'm currently out of commission due to my momentary switch going out on me Friday. Luckily it went out at the very end of completing a quilt, and I still have a week and a half to finish 2 more quilts - one custom and one heirloom. Hopefully the new switch will be in the mail tomorrow since I ordered it Friday. Unfortunately with having a non-stitch regulated machine I can't get a replacement switch at Radio Shack. Beli

Vacation Photos

We spent a week at Lakeview Resort in Sunrise Beach last week. The weather was mostly cold and rainy, but the fishing was pretty good. This is a photo of the cabin we stayed in. We were right on the edge of the water with a boat dock just below us. Here is a photo of the view from our cabin. The resort has an indoor pool and hot tub! Here is another water view close to the cabin. There weren't many vacationers the week we were there, but it is off-season. It was kind of nice to have the resort mostly to ourselves. My DH and the girls caught enough fish to fillet and cook up for dinner. We also spent time swimming in the indoor pool, and playing on the playgrounds - they have 2! This was a great place for a family vacation. We hope to be able to vacation there again in the years to come.

Vintage Bowtie Blocks

Another find! These quilt blocks were found in a trunk at an antiques shop. They were among a set of Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks as well as 2 sets of 9-patch blocks. The price wasn't as good as the T-blocks made from feedsack cloth, but still reasonable. I love the colors and prints and the fact that they were all hand stitched. It took me an hour to decide which set of blocks to buy - I wanted them all! I'm not the authority on vintage fabrics so it's hard for me to judge what era these fabrics are, but I'm guessing 1930's and 40's. These bolder colors remind me of 1940's fabrics that are in a set of quilt blocks I inherited from my grandmother, although these prints are smaller.

Orphan Block Find

This week we are taking a family vacation at a lake resort near our home. The weather has turned from the 70's to the 30's and yesterday instead of fishing we explored a couple of antique shops/flea markets. I found a plastic bag filled with 29 T-blocks. Most are hand-stitched and from feedsack cloth. Only about 5 were machine stitched using woven cotton cloth. This block is made from a plaid and a floral. I love the contrasting colors in these blue and yellow fabrics. The blocks were all in amazing shape although the edges of some of the pieces are fraying a bit. I don't know if or when I'll find the time to put the blocks together in a setting, but I hope to soon.

More Postcards and a Scripture Quilt

Here is a set of landscape postcards I have just finished for an exchange on Valerie Hearders yahoo groups. The postcard with the white mountain range is for my youngest DD. She wanted me to make her a postcard that looks like one of my landscape quilts that is hanging in my studio. I don't have any detail on the postcard yet, but will add the rock outcroppings with a fabric marker later. The beach scenes will also get some detail added with fabric markers before being mailed out. This scripture quilt was made for a church friend who is dealing with cancer. The white patches have a scripture verse written with fabric marker, then I had other church members sign their names and write messages on the quilt. I designed a simple block to give lots of room for writing but still allowing lots of color. My goal was to make a cheerful, encouraging quilt.