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9-Patch Variation Vintage Quilt

This quilt was hand-pieced by my grandmother who died in 1960. My mother gave me the top back in the 1990's telling me if I didn't want it she was going to give it to the Goodwill! My mother is obviously not a quilter. I took this top and another one that Grandma had hand-pieced and have moved them with me to 5 different homes. I finally finished this quilt a few days ago. It is machine quilted (because that is what I do). I think Grandma would have been thrilled to have a longarm machine to quilt her tops. I used an 80/20 batting and YLI thread. The quilting is a simple outline stitch to keep the pattern traditional. The backing fabric was already with the top and is the same bright orange as the binding. I used the extra backing to make the binding. There wasn't enough of the backing left to make a biased binding unless I wanted to deal with seams every 4 inches - which I didn't. So the binding is straight-of-grain. Luckily the curves on the edges are not deep, s