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This is the quilt I used the hand-dyed fabrics in. It is a Melinda Bula pattern from her book "Cutting Garden Quilts." I learned a lot from making this quilt using Melinda's technique and will use this technique in future quilts. Thank you Melinda!

Fabric Dyeing Session

I'm starting a new quilt and after searching through my stash, I realized I didn't have much to choose from. I've never had a large stash of fabric, always buying what I needed for each project. As a result, the majority of my stash is scraps. For this project I decided to dye the fabrics I needed. These are my dyed fabric samples. I have 12 containers that I've numbered, and the numbers correspond to the recipes and the swatches. I've fused the swatches to a page in my sketch book using Wonder Under. I write down my recipes for each color on a piece of notebook paper, then put both pages into a 3 ring binder. I used to just dye the fabric and not keep records, but I want to be able to recreate the colors, so keeping records is vital. I'm dyeing these fabrics over a couple of days, trying to get as close to the colors I need for this quilt as I can, so it's trial and error. I'm happy to say that I managed to dye all the fabric colors

Vintage Pinwheel Quilt

This vintage Pinwheel quilt was quite the challenge to quilt. The top was far from square, and I couldn't square it up without destroying the half blocks on the sides of the quilts. So I did the best I could and quilted it on my Gammill longarm machine. Now it is a usable quilt.