Another Yellow Quilt

Fancy Threads Color Quilt Project is due the end of April. I have completed my yellow rose quilt for the project, but went ahead and made another yellow quilt to bookend the color project in yellow. The quilting still needs to be done as well as some embellishments to the flowers after it is quilted. This is a pattern I had designed previously, but made some changes to it to fit the Color Project.

I designed the above quilt for an Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI) auction a few years ago. It sold at Houston for $94. For the Color Quilt Project, the quilt needed to be much larger - 15x30, so I recreated the pattern in my Art 'n Stitch program and enlarged it to size. Instead of using falling leaves, I used light yellow flowers to give some balance to the quilt. I also changed the leaves in the tree to a layered affect since I was using all solid hand-dyed fabrics. I thought that would help add some texture and depth.


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