Work In Progress

Here are two photos of the quilt I'm currently working on. It's a basket quilt made out of 1930's reproduction fabrics. The quilting designs I am using are my own designs. I've used "Kissing Swans" in the alternate blocks on-point, and in a straight setting in the pink border. I've also used parts of the Kissing Swans in the setting triangles. I'll do some ruler work in the basket blocks.

The pink borders are all complete. I've been working about 2 hours a day on this quilt, so things are going slowly. Tomorrow I'll work on the blue border (I don't know what I'll put in it just yet) and then work on the alternate blocks and finally the basket blocks.

I'm using Fairfield Hi-Loft poly batting for this quilt. I had originally planned to trapunto this quilt and therefore the poly batting for the trapunto. At the last minute I decided I didn't want to go to all the work trapunto requires and yet I didn't want to waste the batting. So, this quilt has poly batting. I almost never use poly batting in my own quilts. I prefer the soft, comfy feel that Hobbs Heirloom batting gives a quilt.
The quilting designs are applied using a water soluable pen. I'll spray water on the marked areas after the quilt is done and bound to get rid of the marks.


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