First Things First

Here is the first step in remodeling my quilting studio. We bought a folding table and a student chair on wheels so I now have a place for my sewing machine! I'm so excited. No more running up and down the stairs to sew, press, quilt, etc. Everything can now be done in the studio. My youngest can also play with her playdough on the table instead of on the cloth cover of my ironing board :o

Of course I still don't have finished walls, but I can work in comfort all in one room until we get to that point. My DH and I priced drywall and other options for the walls this afternoon. Drywall is still our number 1 choice at this moment, but I wanted to see if we could find something that I could handle by myself and yet still be cost effective. Drywall sheets are too heavy for me to lift on my own and hang on the walls. Hubby's job is too hectic these days for him to take any time off to hang drywall and I'm getting anxious to complete the studio, so I thought we should try to find something I could manage on my own.

We put in a lot of sweat equity in our last home. We worked as our own general contractors and I did alot of the work myself - mostly painting staining, varnishing, laying and grouting tile, and laying hardwood floor. I think I can finish these walls if I can find a material that isn't so heavy. Is this wishful thinking? Probably, but my hubby is being supportive and helping me search out materials. We still have a couple of builder supply stores to look at so there may be something around. I suggested hanging up sheets of muslin if all else fails :D Hey, it's better than stud walls and the paper side of insulation!

You may have noticed the quilt blocks on the design wall. Yep, they are still there! Now I may be more motivated to sew them together now that the sewing machine is right in front of them :)


Why don't you get the insulating styrofoam sheets (pink or blue) at your building supply house. They come in a lot of different thicknesses. That is what I have for all of my design walls, lightweight and you can hang your white flannel on it and pin into it easily.
Susan Loftin said…
That is one thing I have been considering. I do want the foam insulation for the design wall, but I need to finish the other walls in the basement too. Foam insulation will be a good fit for now until DH has time to help me with drywall.
Kathleen said…
Hi Susan, I have not hints for you, but I think it is wonderful that your child has a new place to play with play dough.

Kathy from the Blig Blog
Susan Loftin said…
Yes, playdough was tough to remove from the ironing board cover so I purchased a new cover. Since I have the table now, she doesn't want to play with playdough on it-ha! At least now she takes it to the kitchen table where it's easy to clean up.
Michele Bilyeu said…
I think its absolutely wonderful that you are doing/getting your own space! I asked my hubby about lighter than drywall materials (he's a builder) and nothing has come to mind yet. Hang sheets to hide the other or better yet, tons of quilts. Nothing in the world would be prettier than quilt walls all around ;)
In our little one-room cabin, we have beadboard that is laid horizontally and on the wrong side, so it looks like wood boards. I'll send you a picture. With urethane sealing, the room has a warm amber glow.

When the grandkids are here, I sit them on a vinyl tablecloth or old shower curtain for play-doh and painting projects.
Susan Loftin said…
Thanks for asking your DH about the walls. We haven't found anything lighter than drywall either. Once the walls are done they will be covered in quilts as you suggested, so why not now! I hadn't thought of that. Thanks for the suggestions.
Susan Loftin said…
Jeanne - I'll check into the beadboard. I didn't see that when we were shopping last weekend.
Anonymous said…
I have the same folding table in my quilting studio and just love it. It will be nice to have all the quilting stuff in one room, I agree on that!
Susan Loftin said…
The new table is working out great! I find I'm spending much more time in the studio now that the DSM is set up there.
Susan said…
What you need are a couple of teen age boys with strong backs who know how to take orders. =)

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