We had a whirlwind weekend. Our church had a Bible study on Lee Strobel's book "The Case for Christ" that they spread over 3 days. It was very interesting, and they had a program set up for the kids so our girls weren't bored.

Paul worked on doing some re-wiring in the house. The light switches in the kitchen, family room and the main hallway were all wired wrong. There are 3 points in each room where you turn on the lights and each switch had to be in one specific position for any of the switches to work. That's a major problem when you have so many people flipping switches. Now that Paul has rewired them, you can use any switch to turn on and off lights - Yippee!!!

I spent as much time as I could working on Ruth's Log Cabin variation quilt. I'm done with the borders and only have the log parts of the blocks to do. I'm quilting those with a free-hand feather. After looking at the feather in the outer border. I'll decide that after the blocks are done to see what the overall affect is.

We have several projects left to do on the house, but we don't have the time yet. I still want to repaint several rooms as well as replace carpeting in the dining and living rooms with hardwood floors. Then the basement needs that wall-panel system installed. We were expecting a call from the company to get an estimate last week, but we didn't hear from them. I doubt we will at this point. We can't afford to have the work done yet anyway, but it would be nice to know what the cost will be for the future.

We did get a bid on the railing for the front porch. I would like to get more than one bid so we're looking at other companies to do that for us.

Today is warm and windy. Sarah is taking a recess outside and enjoying the warm weather. Tomorrow we're expecting snow again-ha! Missouri weather! I also have to drive to O'Fallon tomorrow to take my mother to therapy so I'm hoping the snow holds off until late afternoon. I didn't enjoy driving in it last Tuesday at all.



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