Ike, Quilts and Gimp!

We are expecting the outflow from Ike in a few days. It amazes me that these storms can be so strong as to affect the central part of the U.S.

Today it is raining - a pre-effect of Ike. Ike is pushing warm tropical air up to central Missouri and after Ike makes landfall, he is supposed to head our way. We once again have flood warnings out for this weekend what with the rain pre-Ike and post-Ike.

My fellow longarm quilter, Karen http://quiltsnkaboodle.blogspot.com/ who lives on the gulf coast of Texas is battening down the hatches in preparation of the hurricane. I'm hoping and praying that there isn't too much damage and no loss of life from this storm.

I haven't managed to do anything further to my Grand Canyon Quilt. It's still pinned to my Mystery Woman quilt that hangs in my dinning room. All during mealtimes I look at that quilt and try to decide what to do with it. I think I'll take it down tonight and start taking it apart and audition some different fabrics. I've been busy with other obligations the past 2 days and haven't had time to quilt.

One new thing I am doing is trying to learn Gimp software. For any of you who don't know what it is - and I just learned about it a week or so ago - Gimp is a photo editing software, and is "freeware"! What I've learned so far I like, but I have a long way to go before I'm confident with using it. I hoping it will make my photos look a lot better. This is where you can find Gimp.


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