Work Weekend

This quilt is called "Floral Garden I". It is hand painted using acrylic craft paints mixed with textile medium and machine quilted. I made this quilt for a class sample. The technique requires some experience so it isn't for beginners but it is fun. I have only taught this class only once. The class was listed for quilters with experience in decorative painting, but the students who signed up for the class had absolutely no experience. We spent the entire 4 hour class on the painting stroke techniques.

I decided this quilt needed to be taught in 4-6 phases in order to teach the painting techniques first, then go on to the quilting, but the classes never came to be.

Joe's quilts are on their way home to him, but I forgot to get photos of them before packing them up-ugh! Later this week I'll start on another customer quilt. Hopefully I'll remember to take photos before sending the quilt back to it's owner.

This weekend was spent on helping my siblings clean out my mothers garage. She has 75 years of accumulated stuff in a 3 car garage and wanted to go through it and downsize. I'm bring home some of her stuff including lamps, tea towels, crafts for the kids, a few pieces of glassware and some fabric scraps, and I still have room leftover in the van for the kids :)



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