Just For Fun

This little quilt "Just For Fun" was made several years ago from a package of fat quarters. I loved the African women dancing in the main fabric and couldn't bring myself to cut into it, so I made it the center panel. It was quick and easy to piece and to quilt.

The past week has been a whirlwind for me. I was on a committee at church that took up some of my time on top of homeschooling and quilting. I have a couple of deadlines coming up and am working hard to meet them.

Of course whenever I have a tight deadline, my machine goes on the fritz! I'm currently out of commission due to my momentary switch going out on me Friday. Luckily it went out at the very end of completing a quilt, and I still have a week and a half to finish 2 more quilts - one custom and one heirloom. Hopefully the new switch will be in the mail tomorrow since I ordered it Friday. Unfortunately with having a non-stitch regulated machine I can't get a replacement switch at Radio Shack. Believe me I tried! I bought a set of switching that I thought we could substitute until the new switch comes in, but the don't work.

The trick is to always, always, ALWAYS, keep extra switches on hand. I thought I had one in my supplies, but I didn't :( I have extra RS switches, but not momentary switches.

Today I'm starting my DD's on new curriculum and getting Arabesque ready for shipping to MQS! I'm looking forward to attending this year and learning lots of new techiques, trying out new machines and shopping for new gadgets. I'm looking into the future of my business with the possibility of adding a computerized system to my machine. The question is which one and when. Either way I do want to add a stitch regulator so I'm checking out 2 companies for that, too.


Millie said…
Susan, your African quilt is lovely and the colors are typically found in Africa. Ask me how I know...I was born there.
I do not have an extra switch for my longarm. After reading your post, I think it is great idea to order a switch for my longarm too.

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