Vintage Bowtie Blocks

Another find!

These quilt blocks were found in a trunk at an antiques shop. They were among a set of Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks as well as 2 sets of 9-patch blocks. The price wasn't as good as the T-blocks made from feedsack cloth, but still reasonable. I love the colors and prints and the fact that they were all hand stitched. It took me an hour to decide which set of blocks to buy - I wanted them all!

I'm not the authority on vintage fabrics so it's hard for me to judge what era these fabrics are, but I'm guessing 1930's and 40's.

These bolder colors remind me of 1940's fabrics that are in a set of quilt blocks I inherited from my grandmother, although these prints are smaller.


Millie said…
Susan, lucky you to find these old treasures. I am sure you are going to make a gorgeous finished quilt out of the blocks.
Julia said…
Susan, you will have a beautiful quilt with these blocks..
It's great to find such lovely treasures..
Julia ♥
Jennifer said…
What a sweet find! I love anything vintage, but especially fabric/ is interesting to see the colors and styles of the past. Vintage fabric can be a bit tricky sometimes, goodness knows it has to be stored just right. I had a friend who'd started a yo-yo quilt in 1980 and handed it to me to finish...sadly it had not been stored well and suffered from some serious dry rot and was a goner. I can't wait to see what you do with it!

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