Christmas Postcards

The theme for the postcard exchange on Valerie Hearder's Yahoo Groups is "Christmas". We decided that the postcards didn't have to be a landscape this time around. Cardinals always remind me of Christmas.


Chris said…
Your card is beautiful.
Susan Loftin said…
Thank you, Chris.
Anonymous said…
Your card is beautiful. Someone will be receiving a unique card.
Anonymous said…
Oh my .. your card is lovely. It reminds me of a dearly departed old bf that passed away on this date in 2001. We lived in MA, at his parents home we would sit at the dining room table and watch the cardinals at the bird feeders out in the yard.

When he passed away, my mother (who lives in North Eastern Ontario) had a red cardinal at her bird feeder ... had never had one before or after.

Thank you .. this has put a smile on my face during a very sad day for me.

Hugs, if you want one,
Julie Andrea

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