Christmas Time

This was my big project for the day. DD's were complaining that they couldn't get into the Christmas mood when the house wasn't decorated for Christmas yet, so I drug out all the boxes and got busy. Problem is that I haven't been in a Christmas mood yet myself. There have been too many other obligations and stresses going on lately that have overshadowed Christmas preparations. But I'm on a roll now!

I found a string of lights to illuminate my plaster Christmas train at last! I painted this set way back in the early 90's but never found the right kind of lights for it. Today I found them at JoAnn's for 60% off! I bought 2 sets - one for the train and one for my Christmas village.

I have yet to start shopping for presents. I'll be busy next week!

One more quilt to finish this week also. I think I've worked out the issue that was challenging me with that one, and hope to get it done early in the week.


Barb said…
Love your decorations....
I love your Christmas train!
Susan Loftin said…
Thanks, Janet. I bought the unfinished plaster train at Ben Franklin - eon's ago!

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