Happy New Year

Thank you to all my readers for the time you've taken to read my blog this past year. I appreciate the comments that you have posted and love reading your blogs in return.

This past year has been a mix of successes and struggles - some have been resolved and some have not. That's the way life is I suppose.

My family is healthy and happy. My friends are a blessing, and my customers are much appreciated. I learn so much from everyone in my life.

I've had the opportunity to branch out in my quilting and use it to help others such as AAQI, American Vets, Foster Children, cancer patients, and orphans around the world. I've been honored to receive a ribbon in a nation quilt show, and have met many new quilting friends from all across the globe.

I've learned new quilting techniques, new types of embellishments and surface designs, and hope to continue this into 2010. And I've been able to upgrade my quilting machine.

Many blessings have been bestowed upon me in 2009. My wish is that you will find the blessings in your life from 2009 and have even more blessings in 2010.


Natalie Carlton said…
Happy New Years Susan! May your year be full of finished quilts. Natalie

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