Wedding Gown Quilt Revisited

I received a question about the wedding gown quilt that I worked on last year so I thought I would post about it again.

This dress was pieced into the top by the customer. I'm not sure how she did it, but the objective was to keep the dress as whole as possible - not cut it into blocks and stitch them back together.

What I believe she did was to take the dress apart and rearrange the pieces of the skirt, sleeves, and bodice to make the top as you see it here in the photo.

For quilting the dress we used silk for the backing fabric. We also added a layer of underlining fabric underneath the dress "top" so the batting wouldn't show through the netting areas of the dress. A high-loft batting was used to give dimension. I didn't do any marking on the quilt since it was made of dry-clean only fabrics.


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