Future Photo Applique Quilts

Noel is my calico kitty and the model for the quilt "Blue Tigers" shown here in her favorite environment - the recliner! I'll be using this photo to create another applique for a future quilt.

This is William. My oldest DD bottle fed this calf a few years ago and I've always wanted to make a quilt from this photo for her.

Then there is "Twiga". This is a photo I took at the St. Louis Zoo a few years ago. I think I stood at the giraffe exhibit for over 30 minutes trying to get a good photo of a giraffe. It was a cool day and they were all on the move which made them hard to photograph.

These photos look like a theme or perhaps a series of brown and white quilts. Hmmmm!

So many ideas for quilts, and never enough time!


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