Overdyed Fabric

These are 3 of the fabrics that I overdyed. All of them had too much white in them. I had experimented with dyeing 2 pieces of fabrics layered together and these were the fabrics on the bottom and the dye didn't soak through enough for my taste. Next time I try this method, I'll have to remember to use more dye.

Turquoise, Fire Red, Bright Yellow.

Fire Red, Deep Orange, Bright Yellow, and Deep Green.

To overdye the fabrics, I soaked them in Soda Ash solution once again, wrung them out, refolded them and placed them in their dye containers. Then I applied the dyes to the areas that were still white and added dye to some of the areas that were already dyed to deepen the color.

This is one of the overdyed fabrics that really deepened in color.


Patty said…
Very nice! Thanks for sharing the process.
Linda said…
I love to overdye fabric. It's a little magical to see the change. I've never tried the "real" dye and soda ash, though.

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