Teacher's Choice!

My quilts arrived back home safe and sound. To my delight, "Feathered Star" had a Teacher's Choice Award ribbon pinned to it!

Thank you, Irena Bluhm.

If you ever have the chance to take a class from Irena, I encourage you to do so. Not only does she teach her wonderful techniques for coloring quilts, but she also teaches balance, symmetry, repetition, design, etc. All the ingredients that make a quilt pleasing to the eye.


Betty said…
Congratulations Susan. What a nice surprise.
Betty said…
What a nice surprise. Congratulations...
GerryART said…
A WELL-DESERVED recognition, Susan.
Where is this lovely going to reside?
Susan Loftin said…
Thanks Betty and Gerry. For no this quilt is hanging right in front of my quilting machine so I can see it while I'm quilting. I'm not sure where it will hang permanently. I don't have much wall space in my house.
DebraW said…
Congrats Susan! It is a beautiful work of art.
DebraW said…
Congrats Susan! Your quilt is a beautiful work of art.
GerryART said…
Space is at a premium at my place, also.

For now you can use it as an Inspiration for your next beauty.

twodraftmom said…
Awesome! Can't wait to see it in person
Linda said…
I'm not surprised it was Teacher's Choice. It is beautiful!

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