Color Quilt

The Fancy Threads Art Quilter's group has started two new group quilt projects. The first is a color quilt. All twelve quilters have picked out a color on the color wheel to make a 15 x 30 inch. quilt. These quilts will be displayed side-by-side in rainbow color order. The only rule is that the quilt has to be predominately the pure color you have chosen as well as tints, tones, and shades of that color. You may use small amounts of other colors. Any technique is acceptable.

My color is yellow. So I have searched through my stash and found that I don't have much in the way of yellow fabrics. A shopping trip was in order. These are the fabrics I found.

A nice range of tints, but I couldn't find shades of yellow. To get shades of a color you add black. When you add black to yellow, you get green at some point. But what shade of green? So this evening I decided to dye some fabric from pure yellow to tints and shades.

I mixed 2 bottles of yellow. The left bottle is the pure yellow, the middle bottle is diluted to make the tints. The right bottle is black. I dyed one piece of fabric pure yellow, added water to the bottle to dilute the dye and dyed another piece. I repeated this process until I had 3 gradated tints. Then I poured pure yellow into a smaller bottle and added a few drops of black to make a shade and dyed one piece of fabric. For the next 3 gradations of shades I added more black to the bottle until I had 4 pieces of shades of yellow.

These fabrics will sit in their containers for 24 hours before I rinse them out, wash, dry and press them. From there I will determine if any need to be overdyed to created greated contrast, or if I need to dye new pieces. In the end I'll probably have enough fabric to make several yellow quilts!

I am still working on the quilt design. We must have the quilts done by late April 2014. Hopefully that will be enough time to complete the quilt.


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