Blue Lily

The "Blue Lily" quilt I was working on last year has sat in my WIP draw for quite a while. I couldn't bring myself to quilt it because I didn't like the background. This is the second background I've auditioned with the applique. I wanted contrasting colors of blue and orange, but it just wasn't working.

Today, I pulled the applique off of the background (it wasn't fully fused yet) and started auditioning other pieces of fabrics I had in my stash. The piece that looked the best was a yellow. Here we go with yellow again! Of course, I didn't have a piece big enough to get a good idea of how the quilt would look, so I went shopping again and bought 2 different pieces of yellow. I pinned the yellow fabric up on my design wall and pinned the applique on top of that.

The piece on the left looks washed out and even though it has a small print in it, it reads as a solid, so I am going to go with the piece on the right. It isn't as bright as it looks in this photo, and the texture shows through.


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