Here Comes the Sun!

Well, at least we're getting a glimpse of it now and then. The ice is just now starting to melt and the temperatures are up to 35* Whoopee!

I drove to the fabric store yesterday which was the first time I've been out of the house since Saturday. I didn't realize how much damage the ice storm had done to the town. Trees are down all along the street we live on. Branches are piled up in peoples yards. Ameren UE has sent a trailer and parked it in the mall parking lot. All the repair trucks go there to load up on equipment and supplies. There must have been 40 repair trucks in the parking lot yesterday afternoon.

Today, I'm hearing chainsaws so I'm guessing trees are getting trimmed and broken branches are getting cut up to get ready to be put into the dump. There is still a lot of ice on our trees right now, but I'm anxious for it to melt completely so I can see how much damage has been done. Our pine tree is bent over pretty badly right now, but it doesn't look like any branches have been broken. We'll know more once the ice melts. Two of our trees have the tops broken out of them and they'll probably have to be taken down, but they are in line with where we want to extend our fence, so they would have had to be taken down eventually anyway.

Electricity hasn't been very reliable this week, but it hasn't been off for more than half an hour at a time since Sunday. It flickers off and on a lot - a couple of times an hour. It is making it hard to get as much quilting done as I want to do. I did finish 2 wall-hangings this week and am working on a 3rd. I hope to have it done tomorrow morning. I guess that's not too bad.


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