It's Finished!

Here is a photo of the quilt Hannah made for her friend. It's all quilted and bound now and waiting to be wrapped for Christmas. I'm so proud of Hannah for making this quilt.

The weather has slowed me down on getting Christmas shopping done. We had snow, sleet and rain today. It hasn't accumulated much, but the roads are slick from the freezing temperatures.

I'm busy working on customer quilts, hoping to get them done in the next week or 2. A few of them are due before Christmas so I'm working on them first. 2 down, 3 more to go!

Paul finished adding more lighting to the basement so I have lots of light to quilt by now. It's much more pleasant to quilt in a well-lit room. Now to get the drywall up, the walls painted and a TV and DVD player hooked up :D

I'm working on making a list of websites that carry mystery quilt instructions and another that has free quilt blocks. I'm also working on getting self-educated on quilt care and restoration. I've know the basics of quilt care and storage for ages now, but my skills in restoration needed updating. I found a quilt restorer who has a couple of DVD's from her restoration workshops and I'm saving up to purchase them. I'm also working towards education on quilt appraisals. Once I have the skills needed for that, I'll work towards earning a certification from the American Quilter's Society as a quilt appraiser. I'm finding all this new information very fascinating. Being an appraiser covers knowledge of the thousands of quilt block patterns in the world as well as fiber identification, fabric dating and pattern dating, as well as knowledge of the different regional styles of quilting within the USA. Fun stuff!


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