Rhapsody Quilt

I decided to bit the bullet and work on the pattern for my rhapsody quilt yesterday. I used the "close is good enough" method of transferring my 8" sketch to the full sized freezer paper pattern. That didn't work out quite right and I had to re-sketch some of my lines after I had traced over them with permanent pen-ugh! I'll have to be careful that I don't get confused and cut the pattern on the wrong lines.

This is the first drawing of the full sized pattern. It's actually 1/4 of the total pattern. After looking at it and studying it for a while, I realized that the top arched segments weren't going to give me the effect I wanted. So I worked on them some more to make them look more like the original 8" design to the right of the large pattern.

This morning, I worked on transferring the pattern pieces that land on the horizontal axis to the vertical axis. This is supposed to give me complete, one-pieced pattern pieces for these segments and make it easier to stitch the pieces together. This is what the pattern looks like now.

You can see where I have redrawn some of the lines.


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