Happy Birthday Hannah

Yesterday was Hannah's 12th birthday. She was so excited to be an "almost" teenager. I'm not so excited about the teenager part and can hardly believe she's no longer the tiny toddler following me around the house chattering away.

We had a birthday party with family over the weekend while we were in RS. Last night we had a family party with the ice cream cake that she requested. I couldn't purchase one in RS, so we waited for that until we got home to JC and bought it at Cold Stone Creamery. It was chocolate through and through - a very rich cake even for Hannah who loves chocolate.

Sarah's 3rd Gotcha Day is the 21st. We celebrate that like a family birthday with a cake and a small gift. She's looking forward to the celebration - especially the present :D

We've moved all our furniture out of our RS house and have it in our JC house. The family room is much more inviting now with furniture in it. The garage is still full of things that need to be sorted out and stored - most of which needs to go into the shed, but that can wait until it's a bit warmer. Right now we're too tired to care much about a messy garage.



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