New Techniques

I didn't get around to any quilting today. The day was filled with running errands and doing laundry. Monday's are usually house-cleaning days, but today that was pushed aside. I did get the bathrooms cleaned, but that's all. Tomorrow is another day.

My landscape quilt digest is having a challenge where we all work from the same pattern and create a landscape quilt. The challenge just started today and we have until September 1st to complete our quilt. I'm anxious to get started.

In the meantime, I'm trying to learn new techniques in embellishment as well as gaining perspective in landscape quilts. I'm reading everything I can find on the web, looking for instructional and inspirational videos on youtube. Viewing work of other landscape artists is also helpful. I have a long list of websites in my "favorites" folder on the computer to look at anytime day or night. Most of my landscapes are not realistic looking. I chose fabrics for color and texture and I don't have a lot of detail in my quilts. That is what I want to learn to do - add the details.

I have a couple more of Joe's quilts to finish before I can dedicate much time to this challenge. Then there is the redecorating I've got planned for our house. I haven't done much to this house since we bought it and feel now is the time to do something. I have painted 2 of the bathrooms now and hung up a couple of quilts for wall art. Today I bought a gallon paint to paint the kitchen. It's a golden yellow color. I'm hoping to rid this house of some of the brown paint. It's everywhere in this house! With the kitchen having hardwood floors, oak cabinets, brown countertops and brown walls, it really needs some color! I think the yellow will work - I hope it will work anyway.



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