I did lots of quilting this past week after fixing the machine. I finished Serenity Beach as well as several other smaller landscape quilts. I'll post photos after I have the binding finished on them.

I also finished a full-sized quilt of Joe's. It's a bird theme quilt made with squares of different types of bird fabric. I quilted a feather vine alternating with a ribbon all the way down the quilt.

Today I tackled the wallpaper border in my master bathroom. It took 2 hours to get it off the wall, but it's done! Our master bath is a bright yellow that makes you get in and out of that bathroom just as quickly as you can. That may have been the plan for the previous owners, but I wanted something a bit more restful in there. So, I bought a gallon of "fresh aspargus" green paint that matches the green stripes in my bath mats. I'll get that painted in a day or 2. I washed the walls down today, so I should let them dry for 24 hours before painting.

I also bought a set of new drawer pulls for the main bathroom and a matching towel rack with a brushed nickle finish. I still need to find a new light fixture, but that can wait. Before I install the knobs, I have to paint the vanity. It's original to the 18 year-old house and has lots of wear on it. I don't like the dark oak either, so I'm going to paint it a cream color. Once that painting is done and the knobs installed, I'll tackle the new floor. I chose a peel and stick vinyl by Crystel called "Sandstone". I was debating between vinyl and ceramic tile. So far I haven't found any ceramic I like, so I think I'll do the vinyl for now and keep searching for the ceramic. The vinyl is inexpensive and a good do-it-yourself project that I can handle on my own - without hubby's help :) He'll appreciate that-ha! I've installed ceramic tile before at our last house, but I had someone else do the tile cutting. This time I'd have to do it on my own and I'm not certain I want to tackle that job just yet.

We went to a BBQ on Saturday for my nephew's high school graduation celebration. My brother and SIL had just returned from a vacation in the west and had lots of photos to share. I asked my SIL for a copy of her CD so I could make some landscape quilts from the photos. Now I have lots more inspiration for future quilts :D



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