Glue Basting

If you want to try glue basting your bindings, check out Sharon Schamber's website for a video on the technique. This is whom I learned it from. Click on the "Free Area" link on the left, then "Free Area" on the next page. Scroll down to the December 2007 video "Binding the Angel". Sharon gives details of her glue basted binding technique.

I do my glue basting a bit different, but the results are the same. I glue baste the binding all the way around the quilt before stitching it down. When I get to the end of the binding, I glue baste the miter, stitch that miter, then glue baste that area down. Then I go ahead and stitch the entire binding down.

The 2 best tips I feel are to use "school glue" like Elmers or Rose Art. I've used both and they both work well. Don't use "All Purpose Glue". The 2nd tip is to heat set your glue with a hot iron. It dries the glue quickly.

The glue washes out easily so you won't have any residue. Sharon uses a metal tip on her glue bottle to give a very fine line of glue. I don't use the tip; I just adjust the plastic tip on the glue bottle to give me the width of glue line that I want.

Happy basting!



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