Quilts & Fall Colors

Above are the quilts I have finished for Quilts of Hope. They'll be mailed out to Karen early in the week. These are the flannel kids quilts. I wanted to finish them quickly and after doing a panto the first one, I decided I needed to switch to a large meander in order to get them done quicker. The binding took longer than the quilting on these quilts.

We're starting to see some fall colors here in mid-Missouri. The area I live in has lots of oak and cedar trees so we don't get the same colors as areas with large amounts of maple trees.

I thought that we were going to get all brown colors this year, but it looks like we'll get some reds and golds yet - just not as vibrant as if we had maples. We do have one kaple tree in our front yard, but it hasn't peaked in color yet. I'll have to remember to get a photo of it this year.

These photos are taken off the master bedroom deck that looks out over our backyard. The cottonwood trees are all but bare already. They turned a pretty yellow for about 24 hours, then the leaves all dropped. I do like the white tree limbs set off against the green of the cedar trees, though. It's nice to look at them in the winter time when the ground is brown and yet the cedars are still green with the white bark of the cottonwoods showing up so starkly.

This is a photo of the hills outside out back yard that are part of a farm in the area.


Mel said…
Busy, busy! It's good to get 'nestled' in before winter!
How fun to have a long arm quilt machine!!

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