Seeing Stars!

Here is the quilt top I am working on now. It's a star quilt that my aunt pieced. I'm still debating on how to quilt it. Her instructions were to do "as you see fit". I'm leaning towards a custom treatment that will highlight the stars with something subtle in the background, piano keys in the outer border and perhaps some continuous curves in the sawtooth border.

These photos are the embroidered pillowcases that I brought home from my mothers garage. The top 2 photos are of pillowcases my mother or her family embroidered. The last photo are cases that I embroidered as a teenager.

Most of them are well worn, but a few are in exellent shape. I have 3 sets of 2 and the rest are singles having lost the mates to them due to wear years ago.



Wasn't that fun embroidering as a teenager? I did that too. I don't have any left that I did but I have 2 pairs that my aunt did.
Susan Loftin said…
I always loved doing handwork when I was a teen - still do, just don't have as much time now! I have a half-finished pillowcase stuffed on a shelf that I started about 8 years ago still waiting to be finished.
Kathleen said…
Another of my passions, I love to embroider pillow cases. The oler the pattern the better. Just wish i had a few old patterns. Your pillow cases are beauitful. Kathy from the Blig Blog
Susan Loftin said…
Thank you Kathy. I don't know who embroidered most of these pillow cases. Some my mother stitched, but I also think that my grandmother and an aunt may have stitched a few of them, too, but I don't know for certain. I'm just going by family history and the difference in the stitching.
Michele Bilyeu said…
I just LOVE embroidered pillow cases. We've received some as wedding gifts and others for Christmas. As MIL aged, the styling/colors changed to...they're almost a record of her life with us. I used them in beginning but now they are just heirloom treasures!

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