Serenity Beach - Beading in Progress

After practicing beading last week on a small quilt, I dug out my Serenity Beach quilt and started adding beads to it. This quilt is still a small quilt, but it is larger than the last one. It's already quilted and bound, so it's stabilized enough to hold the beads.

This photo shows the progress I've made so far. I've started the beading in the sand and have gotten through the 2 light water colors. I'll work on the dark water next, then the hills and grassy area. I'm thinking about adding some hand embroidery to the foreground to give it more dimension.

The photo above is a close up of the sand and water. The white seed beads in the lightest blue aer grouped together - some 2-3 together to mimic the bubbles that waves make as they hit the sand. There are darker 2-cut seed beads in the medium blue fabric scattered out with no pattern in mind.

I've sprinkled clear seed beads in the light sand and placed them closer together near the edge by the dark sand, and spread them further apart towards the edge of the quilt. The dark sand has a gold seed bead in the center of each quilted circle.

I'm looking for beads to mimic coconuts to place in the palm tree.

Beading has been fun!



Janet Hartje said…
Enjoying your beading! That's something I need to work on also. You are inspiring me! Janet Hartje
Susan Loftin said…
Thanks Janet. I've been getting ideas from Bonnie McCaffery's vidcasts as well as from the Learningfa group. There are so many talented quilt artists out there!
Anonymous said…
That is a *lot* of beading! I wish I could see it up close and in the sunshine. I'm sure it sparkles everywhere! Talk about bling. =)
Ginny said…
Oh how fun! I love the coconuts on the tree idea, I can't wait to see the final product! I never even thougth of beading a quilt, hmmm, just what I need one more thing!LOL
Susan Loftin said…
Ginny - I think I've found all the hobbies I can handle and then I find one more! Beading is new to me, but I'm having lots of fun!

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