Life is Grand

I was thrilled to get Millie's message nominating me for the "Life is Grand!" award. Millie, you've made my day!
The rules are that I have to list five reasons why my life is "grand", and then pass it on to five more people.
1. I have a loving Savior who grants me grace every day.
2. I have a wonderful family who puts up with what they call my "quilting obsession" ;)
3. I have my health.
4. I have wonderful, supportive friends.
5. I have a continuing curiosity to learn new things.
So now I pass on the "Life is Grand!" award to:
1. Shirley from One of a Kind Fiber Arts
3. Ginny from Ginnys Quilts
4. Jeanne from All Things Quilty
5. Karen the Quilt Rambler


Janet Hartje said…
Wow! I'm really honored. Thank you Susan. So how do I get the little grand piano to post on my blog! That is really fun. Janet
Susan Loftin said…
Your welcome. I'll send you an email with directions on how to post the picture to your blog.

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