Mitering a Corner in the Binding

I received a question on how I miter the corners of my bindings that I thought was really good. The question was does my method leave a hole since I don't stitch to the end of the corner. The answer is no it doesn't leave hole. The folding of the miter takes care of that. I find I have more leaway to get a perfect miter if I don't stitch to the end of the corner. I will handstitch that miter together when I handstitching the binding to the back of the quilt for the most part anyway. Especially for show quilts, judges want to see the miters handstitched together.

On the other hand, there are many different ways to do a mitered binding. Another method is to stitch up to a quarter inch of the end of the miter, turn the quilt to a 45 degree angle and stitch off the quilt through the corner. You are ensured of the binding staying intact without gapping. I find that I don't have as much control to get the miter perfect on both sides of the binding that way, but I do know many quilters who prefer that method.
The bottom line is whatever method works best for you is the best method!
Happy Binding!


Michele Bilyeu said…
I check 'Love It!'...great close-up btw and love those colors!
Anonymous said…
You've been posting some helpful things for longarmers. Thanks.
Mindy C said…
Wonderful instructions!!
And I was thrilled to see you using my Arch Angel tool!

Mindy C said…
Wonderful instructions!
And I was thrilled to see you using my Arch Angel tool!!

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