Up, Up and Away!

The other day my youngest DD came running down the stairs yelling "BALLOON" and she proceeded to run out the back door. DH and I followed her out and we saw this bright yellow hotair balloon floating near our backyard.

I just love watching hotair balloons. Eons ago when I lived across the highway from Forest Park in St. Louis, I would watch the hotair balloon festival that was launched every spring. Then there would be dozens of balloons of every color and a few with unusual shapes.

Two years ago when we still lived on the farm in SW Missouri, a hotair balloon landed in our pasture - luckily it wasn't the pasture that housed the bull! Were the kids ever excited! I've never had the desire to ride in one, but I sure do love to watch them.


Janet Hartje said…
There is a place near us that sells rides in the summer. I have been tempted, it looks so peaceful floating along up there. I love to watch them too.Janet

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