Hand Embroidered Quilt

This well-loved quilt was hand embroidered and hand quilted by my Aunt Georgia back in the 1970's. She made one for each of her nieces and nephews which numbered 11! She was always doing some kind of needleart work in her spare time from quilting, embroidering, or crocheting.

She bought this pre-printed top either at a Ben Franklin store or ordered it through a catalog and embroidered it then quilted it using a large hoop on a stand.

My daughters still use this quilt. The binding is frayed and some of the quilting has worn away, but the embroidery is still secure and vibrant in color.
Thinking back, I have only 2 blood relatives who quilted - my Aunt Georgia who is my mother's oldest sister and my father's mother. Both have passed on, but I have pieces of their work to remember them by.


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