Zipper Leader Tutorial - Part 3

Now we're ready to attach the zipper to the canvas leader on the machine. This is for the "Pick Up Roller".

Step 1: Extend the Pick Up Roller leader and clamp the sides to stabilize it.

Step 2. Match the center of the zipper to the center mark on your Pick Up roller Leader and pin in place. I used only one pin to get me started, but if you feel more secure by adding pins along the length of the zipper, do so.

Step 3. Stitch from the center to the right using your longarm. Keep the hopping foot close to the edge of the canvas to give yourself a 1/4" seam allowance. If you have a stitch regulator option on your machine, this is a good place to use it. I don't have that option on my machine so I set the dial to 15 and stitched slowly along the canvas guiding the zipper as needed by hand.

Once you are to the end of the zipper, backstitch to secure. Here is the new zipper leader stitched to the Pick Up Roller leader. You'll notice that the new leader is about 6" shorter than the machine canvas. That's o.k. with me as I have never used every inch of my leader. I have a 14' table but have never used the entire length of the leaders for a quilt.
Step 4. Go back to the center of the leader and stitch from the center to the left guiding the new zipper leader as needed. Backstitch when you get to the end.
Don't forget to mark your new leader.


Anonymous said…
Thank you for posting the pic tutorial on zippers. I've always wanted to add them, but needed to see it in order to do it. You made it look very easy. thanks.

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